Signs can pose problems in your community, especially if they are big. This is why some states have created weird laws to avoid any problems.  Before you spend your money on a new sign, you might want to check the pertaining laws in your state. Here are some weird signage laws in North America.

  1. Canada

In the land up north, it is illegal to post a “For Sale” sign in a moving         vehicle. This law was enforced when Canadian law officials deemed the signs to be distracting to drivers.

  1. Georgia

The peach state requires that all signs be written in English. This law isn’t strictly enforced on smaller signs, but that cannot be said for billboards around the city.

  1. Louisiana

Ornaments, stars, and tinsel are fine but don’t try to put a sign on your Christmas tree in this state. Any form of a sign, such as “Happy Holidays” cannot be placed on a tree in public in Louisiana.

  1. Ohio

Pool safety is not a concern in this state, as it is illegal to post signs at swimming pools. Signs commonly found at public pools include “Lifeguard on Duty,” “Rules,” and “Warnings”.