Believe it or not, colors have a psychological impact on customers! When choosing your color palette keep in mind the following

  • Red and orange will stand out, they are eye-catching and will raise the energy level of your customers. Most food, technology, and retail businesses include red and orange in their signage.
  • Blue and green provide customers with senses of reliability and dependency. Businesses that utilize these colors often gain their customer’s trust and loyalty. Blue and green are most commonly used in pharmaceutical, and technology signage.
  • Yellow creates a welcoming and friendly environment for customers. Signage that includes yellow evokes feelings optimism, warmth, and clarity. Anytime a sign includes a call-to-action, it is most commonly yellow which is why construction companies often utilize yellow signs.
  • Purple signage is associated with wealth, therefore customers associate purple with luxury brands, and higher-end products. Financial intuitions and prestigious universities often use purple in their signage and brands.
  • White represents clarity and cleanliness to customers. It is also used to created contrast and highlight key elements on a company‚Äôs sign. The color white is most commonly used by companies trying to convey hygiene and sanitation, such as healthcare and household supply brands.