Keep It Short

  • Limit your word count, long names and messages can be distracting and hard to read.

Write for a Moving Audience

  • Keep in mind that often times consumers will be reading your sign from a moving vehicle. Your sign has to grab their attention and deliver your message in a matter of seconds.

Evade Obstructions

  • It is essential that customers have a clear view of your sign, look out for trees, other signs, power lines, light posts, etc.

Left to Right, Top to Bottom

  • Consumers tend to read from left to right, and from top to bottom, this being said it is best to start your sign in the upper left corner.

Consider Size

  • For your sign to have the most impact consider the “10 feet per inch of the letter” rule, for example, if your letters are 10 inches, your sign will be most effective from 100 feet away.