• Removal or correction of a sign that violates community code or standards


  • Signage that switches on and off of fluorescent lamps or LEDS to provide the illusion of movement


  • The distance at which a sign is viewable to the reader

Brushed Finish

  • A non-reflective polished finish applied by lighting brushing the surface with an abrasive material

Built-up Letter

  • Lettering technique where the outline of the letter is made first and then filled in

Butt Joint

  • A joint formed when two pieces of material come together flush and edge to edge


  • The distance measured between the lowest portion of the sign and the highest point of grade underneath


  • The effectiveness of a sign standing out from its surrounding environment

Corona Treatment

  • A treatment process that alters the static charge of a materials surface

Debossed Lettering

  • sign lettering where the lettering has been engraved, carved or otherwise recessed into the sign

Dimensional Letter

  • Any letter, logo or symbol that has a raised profile in relation to the sign substrate.

Drop Shadow

  • The visual effect of creating a false shadow behind a letter or object


  • A very strong, two-part adhesive, capable of bonding together a wide range of materials

Fabricated Letter

  • A dimensional letter typically fabricated from sheet metal


  • The number of times a viewer has the opportunity to see a sign and its message over a given period of time.


  • A unit of measurement for the thickness of sheet metal or wires.


  • The smooth transition from one color to another color


  • A glowing ring of light surrounding a object such as a channel letter which has been lit

Incidental Sign

  • A sign intended for informational purposes as opposed to commercial or advertising purposes


  • The width of the cut or channel made by a saw or other tool.

Kick Plate

  • A metal or plastic plate placed along the bottom of a sign structure in order to protect its surface against damage


  • A clear glossy coating applied to material for appearance and protection


  • Having a dull or non-shiny surface or finish.


  • A full-scale model of a structure

Negative Space

  • Empty or unused space within the sign face


  • Describes channel letters that have been cut out in the back in order to fit over a raceway

Open Channel Letter

  • A channel letter with returns that project forward from face of letter such that the neon tubing is visible.



Pegged Out

  • A term describing letters mounted using pegs or pins such that they stand off from the substrate to which they are attached

Plastic Faced Letters

  • Channel letters in which the front of the channel is covered by a translucent plastic face, diffusing the neon lighting within


  • An electrical enclosure that may also serve as a mounting structure for the sign.


  • Sign on which copy can be changed manually, such as a window sign


  • The projection of art from a flat surface


  • An artistic sketch or representation of a design concept


  • Cutting or notching a material prior to bending it


  • The metal frame on which a sign is installed


  • The balance of design elements in which one side equals or mirrors the other


  • A color made lighter than the original by adding white to it


  • The effect on a color brought about by blending it with another color

UV Resistance

  • Ability to withstand decay due to the damaging effect of the ultraviolet rays of the sun

Vinyl Letters

  • Letters cut from adhesive-backed material, in dozens of opaque, translucent, metallized, and transparent colors and patterns

Wind Load

  • The basic term for describing the design strength of a sign. Standard wind load is 30 PSF (pounds per square foot), withstanding winds up to approximately 90 MPH


  • the height of the lowercase letters which do not have ascenders or descenders


  • A malleable metal that has unique gray appearance